Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Let me talk about salt for a while. I put salt on everything.

Popcorn with salt on it is pretty much the best thing ever.

I salt Ramen noodles when i eat them. Pretty sure they already have about 500% of your daily value of sodium.

If I was in a band, the name might be "Salt Assault".

I have a salt sense. I salt my food before even tasting it, just cause I know it'll need salt. I can SENSE it.

If I had to choose between salt water taffy and regular taffy, you know where I'm goin' with this one...

I think there's a saying about the "salt of the earth". Is this just, like, salt? I mean, regular salt? Or is earth salt completely different?

Big soft pretzels with salt on them are pretty much the best thing ever.

If you lick your hand, it tastes salty, but this is gross salt.

When someone becomes angry or frustrated, some might say they are getting "salty". I like to get salty all the time, but not angry or frustrated, I just like to salt things.

In restaurants they put salt on the rim of margaritas. I always feel like a complete idiot when I lick the glass, but that's not gonna stop me from doing it anyway. It tastes good.

Corn on the cob with salt on it is pretty much the best thing ever.

I imagine Salt Lake City to be a pretty rad place.

Sometimes people who live by the woods put out a salt block for deer to like, uh, lick I guess. I'm not really sure what that's all about.

The sea is salty.

I ran out of salt ideas for this blog post, then I looked down at my keyboard as I was typing this and saw the 'Alt' button. I kinda wanna draw a little 'S' on it.


Brothers said...

actually, salt lake city is almost worse than New Jersey and Detroit...

Don Dom Ants and Mars said...

Salting Ramen??? I tried Googling “adding salt to ramen noodles” or “salting ramen noodles” (then thought, “Salting Ramen”… might be another good band name) I digress, my point… Google kept coming back with tips on how to reduce the salt in ramen.. even Google doesn’t understand your salt devotion, it must be deep.

Michellecopter said...


Salt on Subway sandwiches, salt on cucumbers, salt on tomatoes, salt on chocolate, salt on eggs.

iodized salt is a thing of the past my friend. take a look into buying some sea salt and your mind will be BLOWN

Extreme Ash said...

I'm eating chips with salt on them and I have to say...they're too salty.

Don't hate - I just can't handle the salt like you can.

Also. You're in a band and the name has nothing to do with salt.

Cody Girl said...

You know buddy, I went to SALT FLATS in Bolivia. Like seriously-- salt - -walking on salt solid salt as far as the eyes can see. I sat on a sat table- I slept on a salt bed-- srsly!! Now that is amazing. It was crazy- salt- it was like a salt ocean- well I mean solid salt- it looked like you were on the frozen lake but a million times bigger and hot. There are a decent amount of pics to prove it- under my tagged section on F book. I am sorry that your mind is now blown. I didn't mean to pour this all on you.

Dus said...

holleeeeee jeeezus!!! Cody it sounds like you died and went to SALT HEAVEN!!!! Awesome!

Amy Berg said...

So, Chuthers, what is really the "best thing ever": popcorn with salt, pretzels with salt, or corn on the cob with salt??

Lindsey said...

You need to meet my new roommate Sara. She freaking loves salt. Apparently there is an entire town made of salt in Ecuador. She went there. She was in heaven.

cristabell said...

i HATE margarita salt.