Wednesday, June 23, 2010


AAAAAGGHHHHH!!!!! kadfljajd;lnvqnadnkfhadsjfkldjsa;jklasfv;mwqndv;nds!!!!!

I'll explain.

So it's been a busy few weeks, sorry I haven't been the source of much PUMPAGE lately, but believe me, I've been off on some extreme PUMP JOURNEYS, all in the name of the BEST SUMMER, EVER.

There's a lot to share, I guess I'll just get into it! This HDPU was a lil' rushed, I'm still recovering from many pumpy happenings, but better to PUMP than to have NEVER PUMPED AT ALL. First off, let's set the tone with a lil' tunage. This goddamn video pumps me up SO HARD, I'm gettin' a largey just watchin' it.

Ok, so, CONGRATULATIONS are in order, my buddy HECKYEAHMAN just got hitched!!! I went with my bro Colin on a super long/fun roadtrip down to Gainesville, FL to witness the blessed event and to stand in the wedding. It was an awesome time, and you BETTER BELIEVE WE SPREAD THE GODDAMN PUMP to those Floridians! Hotels Parties. Whiskey. Energy Drinks/caffeine pills. Dance Parties. 95 degress. Suits/Dresses. Marriage. Metal. Eating lizards. AWESOMENESS!!!

(that's just a pic i stole from Google, but believe me, lizards were ate! Eaten? PUMP)

Ok, and since we're pumping some real-world, grown up shit, dig this...
MY SISTER HAD A BABY!!!! Welcome Seth Timothy Richardson to the world. You've got a life full of PUMP ahead of you, son...

The lil' guy is so cute! Cuteness PUMPS ME UP!!!

Ok ok okay, you want something even more PUMPY??!?! Well, laughter pumps me up. I dare you to watch this video and not laugh. Also, on a related note, I hate all auto-tuned-poppy-hip-hop-skibbity-doo-wop-rap-crap-Top 40-fake-ass-bullshit music. Just for the record. Ok enjoy!

Ok, I really gotta run. Sorry if you think this HDPU was phoned-in, I'll try harder, I promise! More to come soon. Spread that pump, find the pump within yer own heart, um... (insert other pump comment that encourages you to find your own pump, cause I'm too lazy to pump for you...)

Oh, one more thing before we go... Here is your BONER-INDUCING BACON IMAGE OF THE DAY!!! KEEP ER PUMPY!!!!


Extreme Ash said...

Hm. You've pumped harder, but this was still a good half-assed effort. Can we talk about that hot bacon pic? It's two hot chicks, who were willing to pose in the flesh, covered only with bacon...on a weird carpet mat? COME ON. Consider your surroundings babes. If you're trying to get all hot, get creative.

Matthew said...

6/10 - but we are back in the pump zone...