Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stay Together for the Kids.

I'm not sure of the motives behind the slew of bands who decide to call it "un-quitsies" and reunite, but for the most part I'm stoked on the idea. I mean, why not, right? If people paid attention to bands in their early days/rise to significance/prime/downward spiral/demise, and yet still show interest in said band's "resurrection", why not give the people what they want?

A Get Up Kids secret reunion show recently came together, and what's this... an entire tour in '09? Oh hell yes, sign me up! Ben Folds decided to get the Five (er, two) back together for a show? Rad, man. Spice Girls Reunion? Uggh, so stupid it's awesome. New Kids on the Block are going to give it a go one more time? Well, uh, I guess I could care less, but it does give me peace of mind knowing that somewhere in this world there is a 29 year old woman locked in a candlelit room, getting off using a dildo with a Donnie Wahlberg sticker on it.

Some bands don't even have the need for the reunion part, but are just feeling nostalgic. Built to Spill decided to knock out the entire Perfect From Now On album during shows this year, and Jimmy Eat World has scheduled 10 exclusive dates where their emo-classic Clarity will be performed in full as well. I am all for this... any chance to see a band play the entire album that you've cried to, made out to, puked to, whatever... it's a good thing.

Inevitably, I'm sure some bands hear the "ka-ching!" in their heads when the possibility of a reunion is mentioned (i.e. Van Halen, Motley Crue, Smashing Pumpkins), and could really give two shits about sentiment, reminiscing, "that old feeling", the fans, etc. But hey, you're the douchebag buying the $120 ticket. And really, that's fine. I get wrapped up in the hype of reliving the past, too. My only problem is, in hindsight, have any of these exciting reunion shows really delivered? I remember hoping for the past 10 years or so that The Police would just work out whatever shit it was those English pricks were dealing with, and just get back together already. Then they finally announced that they would, and I was extremely pumped. Thinking about it now that it's come and gone... well, I guess it didn't mean as much as I thought it would to me. Honestly, I kinda missed the whole thing anyway... I haven't watched any Police footage from the reunion tour yet, and don't really feel a strong desire to.

So maybe this reunion crap isn't all that exciting after all? Maybe these bands are just cashing in on fans that can't seem to let go of the past? That being said, I'd still give my left testicle to see a Pavement reunion. Seriously. I haven't figured out what these two things hanging between my legs are for anyway, besides making your friends laugh when they're about to take a sip of Dr. Pepper.

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Extreme Ash said...

1. that link was gross
2. you've cried to clarity? cute.